Copy Trading Gives Those who are new or existing traders the opportunity to copy the trades of traders across the world with good trading track records.

Copy Trading Systems Gives you an opportunity to scan through the different track records of verified traders, from there track record you can view the following information;
1. Profitability ( Growth/Returns on Investments )
2. Risk/Drawdowns
3. Duration in days/week.

With the robust published track record a client can choose a trader or group of traders with track records that suite there financial goal/objectives.
How to Choose a Signal.
First You have to register and complete a live account with
After your account has been opened, you will be given your login details and Password.

Second: You proceed to login into the trading platform, after you are logged in, you will view the terminal section of the trading Platform, you will see signals. Find screen shot below.


Thirdly: when you click on the signal section you will see the list of traders with there  track record published mostly in the order of the trader with the highest returns.

Fourthly: from the list you will have to sort out and choose a trader or combinations of traders that suits your desired goal and objectives.

When sorting you might want to consider the following parameters.

1. Returns on Investment
2. Drawdown
3. Duration

One of the major parameter people look at is the Profit(ROI) it shows in how many percent the trader has made within a particular time frame, its important that while considering returns you should also pay attention to the Drawdown which represents the risk that your account might be exposed to if you choose to follow any of the signal providers.
Its important that you choose a Drawdown that you are most comfortable with. Drawdown Represent how much in percentage your account dropped during a particular period of time, its more or less the opportunity cost of whatever profit been displayed.

You will mostly see clients showing a High returns on Investment that is usually accompanied by a high drawdown.

Your goal as a client is to choose a investor that returns a very good profitable with a very minimal drawdown, you might want to consider traders with drawdown below 30%, High

drawdowns could expose you to a significant drop in your capital. Having said that some clients do not mind a high drawdown just to follow traders with huge returns on investments, we highly suggest that you consider your investment objectives and consult with your financial advisor when making this decision.
You can select as many traders as possible an apportion money to them based on your set criteria this helps you to diversify your portfolio.

So you can have a mix of Aggressive, medium aggressive and conservative traders in your portfolio this can help you achieve a balanced portfolio.

Its also important to note the duration, the longer the time a trader has spent trading the more reliable is signal gets.

To subscribe to a signal
Click on register MQL5

If you click on register to open your mql5 account.
And proceed back to this step to login
When you login it will take you to the page below

On the Page below you click on subscribe and use any of the following payment method to pay for the account the subscription fee.

Once you pay the subscription fee you will be allowed access to link up your account to the trader.

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